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Clickbait Products Trying | Contact Merve directly

I've tried the most ambitious cosmetic products you've ever seen, from the lipstick that claims to be almost as effective as the lip filler, to the foot care product, which guarantees that it will turn cracked heels into baby skin in six days. Let's see if the cosmetics industry always does what it claims to do, and I'll try to clickbait products together in my video!

CAOLION https://mevy.co/2BkOiMt

This is a product that contains two masks. One heater, one cooler mask. The claim of the heater is to clean the clogged pores, and the claim of the cooler is to narrow the enlarged pores. When I tried the product, I noticed that the heater was really working, but the cold one didn't really work.

TONYMOLY is https://mevy.co/2l0z7m

This product is a complete “clickbait” product, allegedly turning heels into baby butt. I used the product. I waited for 1.5 hours on my feet, but I saw no benefit. Instead of using this product, I'm sure it would be more useful if I had applied Vaseline or a regular cream on my foot for 1.5 hours.


I guess that's what I was most curious about. And that was the product I saw in the video 100% effect. The only thing you need to pay attention to when using the product is to apply it properly to your lips. Lip balm lasts as much as you need to drive more carefully. Because it fries the lip. The product says that you will see the effect after waiting 5-10 minutes, but from the moment I started to see a pink on my lips with burning and tingling. And at the end of the period my lips were visibly plumped.

Patchology Flashpatch https://mevy.co/2MVzMw3

Another lip product is this jellyfish. Lip-shaped and there is a cut for the lip in the middle part of the lip. When I first unpacked the product, most of the product was poured into the package. I'm going to use this product and get a lip balm. He never deserves the money.

FaceD Eye Mask https://mevy.co/2Piq4oX

The 2nd product I dislike most is this. It contains ginseng, zinc, aloe vera etc. products that it claims to be. But there's never anything. It doesn't give moisture or anything. Like a band-aid, it's a very hard product.

Benefit The POREfessional https://mevy.co/2nMWhZ0

The product's claim is to tighten your skin. It didn't tighten my skin, but I didn't see any effect. Because the product cleaned my pores where it stopped. I can tell you that my blackheads have reduced blackness. As for the structure of the product, the product has double texture. One side is less textured than the other side. First we apply the part with little texture, then we clean the whole face with the part that is textured.

I tried these 6 products that were ANT INSTANT bugün in this video today. I loved some, I did not see any benefit from others. What was your favorite product?

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